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Why do you need a whole house water filter in Pattaya?

It is not advisable to drink tap water anywhere in Pattaya. But it is certainly possible to make the water perfectly safe to drink. In fact, you can provide your entire home with safe, clean water from all outlets. To ensure clean and safe drinking water at all times it is recommended to use a water filter in Pattaya.

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Taking control of your Pattaya tap water

The most common source of water quality problems is broken and leaking pipes in the water distribution network. When pipes break underground (and they do), dirt, mud, sand and sediment are sucked into the pipes. With this comes viruses, bacteria and other harmful microbes.

We recommend a 3-step treatment solution with sediment filtration, carbon filtration, and ultraviolet (UV) disinfection. Let’s quickly go through these three steps:

3 steps to safe drinking water in Pattaya

Get rid of dirt, sand and mud

All our system comes with an integrated high-flow sediment filter to remove coarse and fine sediment and make your water crystal clear.

Get rid of smell, taste and Chlorine

The second stage is a highly effective Active Carbon block filter to remove unwanted taste and odour and reduse Chlorine and other chemical residue.

Eliminate virus and Bacteria

Virus and bacteria receives a lethal dose of UV light. The high-output UV-lamp effectively kills 99,99% of virus and bacteria including e.Coli.

The complete water filter solution

Our water filter systems incorporate the three essential steps mentioned above into one complete system that can easily be installed after your water tank or water pump, ensuring clean and safe drinking water from all outlets in your home at all times.

Choose a water filter that ticks all the boxes

Filters out dirt and sediment

The high-flow sediment filter removes dirt, sand, silt, and other particulate matter from water. As the water flows through the filter media, particles larger than the filter's pore size are trapped and prevented from passing through

Removes unpleasant taste and smell

As the water flows through the activated carbon filter, contaminants such as chlorine and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are attracted to the carbon's surface and held there.

99.99% reduction of organisms capable of infection.

The high-output UV-lamp keeps your family safe by inactivating harmful microorganisms, including those that have been found resistant to Chlorine, such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

Flowrate up to 95l/min

Designed with enough capacity to provide your entire home with safe, clean water from all outlets. Not only for drinking, but cooking, washing and showering too.

No removal of beneficial minerals

Removes the things you don't want in your water, but preserves the things your body needs for a healthy active lifestyle.

No chemicals used

Unlike other water treatment methods that involve the use of chemicals like chlorine, UV filtration is a chemical-free process. This means there is no risk of harmful by-products or changes to the taste or odor of the water.
Urs E. Jacobi - Hua Hin
Urs E. Jacobi - Hua Hin
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"My wife and I purchased a VIQUA Whole House water filter system in July 2018, on the recommendation of friends in the same village who are very happy with it. It was important for us to have perfect tap water for cooking and personal hygiene. This expectation was fully fulfilled. The maintenance of the system is quite simple. In addition, the service of Kat-Tech Engineering is fast and reliable."
Johnny Westerly
Johnny Westerly
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Best high quality water filter you can get in Thailand. Great service and the sales staff is very knowledgeable about what the best solution is for you.
Jim Andrew
Jim Andrew
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My sporty family consume large quantities of water everyday, so we decided to purchase the VT1-DWS water filter. It has made significant improvement in our lives with clean, fresh & safe drinking water. The service and professionalism that we received was excellent.
Jen Kelly
Jen Kelly
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I want my children to be able to drink good and bacteria free water that still gives them the minerals. The Viqua water filter was just what we were looking for, we were happy with all the help from the owner and his staff when we discussed what kind of filter we should buy. Thanks!

Common questions about our Water Filters

Water quality in the Pattaya metropolitan area is quite good, and the water leaving the treatment plants is perfectly safe to drink. However, due to the risk of contaminations in the water pipe system, many people consider the water still not safe to drink when it reaches our homes.

Dirt, sand, mud and other contaminations can enter the water pipes when there are leaks or cracks in the supply network. These can occur due to old age, vibrations, construction works etc. Many buildings also use water tanks to store incoming tap-water which might be contaminated with harmful bacteria and microbes.

But there is certainly a way to take back control of your tap-water. With a 3-stage whole house filter with UV-Purification plumbed in to your incoming water line, your entire home will be supplied with perfectly safe and pure water 24/7. Contact us to learn more!

Yes, we offer all our customers installation and maintenance of our water filter systems via our local partner. With our scheduled maintenance program, we will visit to check your system and maintain it as needed. Contact us to schedule a free survey and quote.

Yes, absolutely. In fact, municipal water in Thailand is generally perfectly safe to drink when it leaves the water treatment facility. The problem is the vast network of water pipes with often poor quality that the water has to pass before it reaches our homes. This is where the water easily get contaminated by bacteria and harmful microbes.

With a UV-disinfection system that effectively eliminates these contaminations, the water is then again perfectly safe to drink.

Our systems connects to a wall outlet like other electrical appliances. The systems should always be connected to a dedicated wall outlet protected by a GFI (ground fault interrupter) /RCD. In areas that experience significant power fluctuation, we recommend the use of a surge protector.

A UV-lamp has a lifetime of 365 days of continuous use. After that, the UV-light intensity starts to diminish and it is no longer able to effectively disinfect the water. It is very important to replace the UV-lamp every 365 days to ensure that your water is still safe to drink. Our Whole Home Systems have a sophisticated control unit that will let you know the status of the system. It tells you how many days are left until lamp replacement and will give you a visual and audible alarm when the the lamp life is due to replacement.

UV lamps have a useful life of about 9000 hours (approximately 365 days) which means that in most cases annual replacement is required. It is very important to replace the UV-lamp after 9000 hours, since there may not be enough UV energy to provide adequate disinfection after that.

There is also a quartz sleeve that surrounds the UV lamp which must be kept free from hardness or iron deposits that would have a negative impact on the UV disinfection process. Under normal conditions the sleeve can be cleaned when doing the annual lamp replacement.

For our Whole House and Point of Use Systems that comes complete with pre-filters (sediment and carbon) maintenance includes replacing these when they get dirty or clogged. Replacement interval for pre-filters depends on usage and water quality in your local area and can vary from between 5-12 months.

Municipalities work very hard to provide safe water for their customers. In some areas of Thailand, the water leaving the treatment plant is considered safe to drink. However, that water then moves through a vast distribution system that in many cases is aged and can lead to contaminations. The water that then reaches your home is often far from safe to drink. A UV Disinfection System gives you and your family peace of mind and is a very affordable insurance policy against the possibility of coming in contact with water contaminated with microbes.

Yes you can. However, in many areas of Thailand, well-water means hard water or a lot of iron, manganese or other substances in the water. In these cases we always recommend our customers to speak to us, our local partner or another local water treatment company first to get accurate information about water quality in the local area and advice on whether additional treatment is needed before installing the system.

No.The systems can be installed without a water pump if the mains water pressure is high enough in your area. However, most of our customers already have a pump installed or choose to install one to get better water pressure in the house.

No. UV Systems are designed with correctly sized inlet/outlet for the specific application.

We look forward to hearing from you and discuss water filter solutions with you

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