Water dispensers in Thailand fail quality tests

Many of us living in Thailand rely daily on water dispensing machines to bring drinking water home. They are cheap, avaliable almost everywhere, and you can reuse your plastic bottles.

But 40% of these machines are not well maintained and failed to meet water-quality standards.

The department of health performed a study during 2016, in which they tested the water quality from dispenser machines all over Thailand. They found that much of the water contained bacteria and the levels of acid and basic salts did not meet the standards.

Dr Danai, deputy director-general of the department of health, said that the contaminated water poses a great risk of diarrhea, stomach problems, and amoebic dysentery.

If you are using water dispensers you should always look at labels on the machine and see when the last cleaning was. The cleaning should always be performed by a professional inspector from a reputable company. Also you should only use machines that are located in a safe and clean environment, do not use dispensers that are located next to a road.

Source: Bangkok Post 

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