HYDRA – Self cleaning water filter

HYDRA – Self cleaning water filter



Original price was: ฿6,350.00.Current price is: ฿4,990.00.
90 micron pre-filter with built in backwash function. Perfect to install to get rid of coarse sediment to save maintenance cost on your Whole House System.

Main features

HYDRA is a single stage self-cleaning filter with a stainless steel mesh-filter for effective removal of sediments. Easy and quick cleaning, thanks to the exclusive system with back-wash in counter- current. HYDRA can be installed as a pre-filter before your water tank to keep it clean from sediment and sludge or before your existing water filter to save on maintenance costs. Very easy to operate – simply open the valve to flush accumulated sediment out via the drain funnel. Available with blue or clear housing.


UV - chamber10 Years
Control Unit3 Years
UV - lamp1 Years
Maximum water flow rate 100 l/min
Pipe size
Inlet connection 1"
Pipe size
Outlet connection 1"
Max water pressure 8 bar
L: 12 cm
W: 10.7 cm
H: 39 cm

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